Vinyasa Yoga

A dynamic, flowing yoga practice, linking breath with movement.

Level 1+

Power YOGA

Powerful, challenging vinyasa flow - this is as much a cardio workout as it is a yoga class. Expect to work harder during this rigorous, athletic practice with longer holds and the introduction of more advanced postures.

Level 2+

Yoga Basics

A gentle paced class, ideal for beginners or anyone wishing to take it back to the basics of yoga flow

Beginner +

Mindful Flow

A moderately paced vinyasa class, ideal for people of all levels looking to get deeper into their yoga practice, further exploring each posture.

All levels

Slow & Stretch

Comprised of half gentle flow and half Yin, Slow & Stretch is the best of both worlds. Open to all levels of flexibility, this class will help you release tension throughout the body, unwind and relax.

All levels


Pre-Natal Yoga

Specifically designed to nurture and support you, this gentle class will combine breath work and movement to strengthen your body and mind and allow you to stay healthy and active during pregnancy.

From 12 weeks only


Named after Sri Dharma Mittra’s almost fifty years of practice of classical yoga, Dharma is a devotional practice, weaving together many teachings to allow students to come closer to self-realisation and clarity of mind. This is an advanced class incorporating arm balances, inversions and deep backbends.

Level 2+

Hatha Yoga

A gentle paced flowing practice.

Level 1

YIN Yoga

A slow placed style of yoga whereby you hold postures for up to 5 minutes, allowing you to get deeper into the pose, applying moderate pressure on connective tissue to increase both circulation in the joints and flexibility.

All levels