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27 OCTOBER 2019

Slow Burn (all levels) - the perfect recipe for the weekend

* NOT TO BE MISSED * International Yogi Marc Laws II is joining us from Bali!

Slowing down can help increase awareness both of our internal sensations and our external surroundings, tuning us into experiences that we often miss when we rush on autopilot from place to place. Paying closer attention to the process of all that we do can also increase our sense of appreciation, enjoyment of our physical bodies and relationships. By heightening awareness of mental and physical states, —like mindfulness in general—can help us gain a greater sense of control over our thoughts, feelings, and actions, allowing us to respond in more constructive ways when we experience negative thoughts or emotions.

This class will be a creative Yoga asana flow, cultivating a steady inner-fire, fluid like water and the breath/Pranayama to match. Yin and Yoga Nidra, steeping in the Practice as our minds and bodies melt through the old to make room for the new.

Moving, breathing and Being with reverence.

Open to all levels. 3pm - 5pm





Dharma Yoga is described as a graceful yet challenging form of yoga, based on fifty years of practice of classical Yoga by legendary Yoga Master, Sri Dharma Mittra.

This workshop is an opportunity to discover and practise this beautiful form of Hatha Raja Yoga, ‘a devotional practice that emphasises good health, a clear mind and a kind heart’.  The Dharma practice is appropriate for students of all levels because it meets each student where they are and according to their condition.

We will practise a series of stretching, balancing, back-bending, twisting, and inverted postures.  The Dharma practice typically starts with a Vinyasa warm-up and is followed by stationary poses, which we hold or work on for longer than in the Vinyasa warm-up.  Many variations of the postures will be offered, from the simplest forms to more advanced ones. 

We will conclude with a deep relaxation, Pranayama/breathing exercises, and concentration/meditation in order to bring on a deep sense of calm, balance, peace and invigorated energy to all students.

Open to all levels. 2pm - 4pm





In this 2h class you will break through old habits and barriers that hinder you from connection and unconditional love!

Each energetic sequence will explore hip and heart openers as well as inversions and twists. Expect creative and dynamic sequencing, playful moments and be ready to play with that fine line between love and fear as you explore inversions and learn to get comfortable upside down.

Jonah's incredible music and supportive stories and themes will wring you out, leaving you with a stronger body and calmer, less reactive mind feeling energised and free! 

Come feel the raw connection of body and mind through vinyasa yoga! The balance of ancient asana, dynamic flow, and modern-day hip hop beats are sure to ignite your spirit!

Join Jonah Kest for an entirely uplifting and wholesome vinyasa experience!!

6pm - 8pm





A workshop which starts on earth and ends in the air. 

This unique style of "flying" partner yoga implements poses from Ashtanga yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage to create a fun physical and mental challenge. 

Students will learn not only how to fly, but most importantly, the importance of community support. Yoga is a series of adjustments similar to a relationship; Acro yoga is a powerful example of making needed adjustments and communicating to find balance.

Jonah Kest and Sarah Drai will teach you to properly spot, base a flyer and fly creating an understanding of the psychological and physical benefits of partner yoga. This is a playful workshop, appropriate for all levels.  

Bring a camera, and an open mind to go beyond balance.

6pm - 8pm