PAOLA’s bodybarre


PBB Align + sculpt

Inspired by yoga and based on traditional pilates and “Floor barre”, this class is perfect for stretching whilst strengthening your muscles, inclusive of the deeper delicate muscles we neglect. There’s more speed, reps, load and props, ensuring a lot more BURN. We concentrate on single leg work to focus on balance and stability. Working you from the inside out, this class will see you strengthen, align and work you to the core…not to mention the famous PBB Booty Lift seen on numerous famous SW London “PBBAngels!”

Bring your barre socks - no trainers required!



A specifically designed fusion of “floor barre” for pre and post-natal women. We ensure you train safely though out every level of your pregnancy and recovery. The class will help to build strength, suppleness and keep your core muscles, including your pelvic floor strong, whilst paying particular attention to the areas which are problematic during pregnancy and after the birth. The class will also help to alleviate any negative side effects of the pregnancy such as lower back pain, sciatica, pubis symphysis, swollen extremities and weakened pelvic floor muscles. Suitable for women both pre and post birth.

We love your babies- they are welcome! (pre toddler)

Bring your barre socks - no trainers required!